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Asit Sait


Asit Sait on Yoga Central classesI started my yoga journey 12 years ago at the Sivananda institute, New Delhi and considered myself thoroughly spoilt by the excellent teachers there. Have struggled to find a good yoga studio in Mumbai until I was introduced to Yoga Central a year ago. In one word, the sessions are Brilliant. Sashi keeps us on our toes and the classes never fall into a boring routine which is important for me to stay engaged. I am hooked and happy that yoga is back in my life.



Sarika Changwani


Sarika Changwani for Yoga CentralSashi’s yoga classes are beyond words. The feeling at the end of each and every class is so good, it’s almost addictive. More than two years on, the difference I feel both mentally and physically is stupendous. Month on month I have been seeing myself getting stronger, more flexible, less prone to health issues, and more at peace. Sashi has managed to make me a yogi for life. 



Shital Gupta


Shital Gupta for Yoga CentralI joined Sashi’s yoga classes with very low expectations. But to say I was pleasantly surprised is putting it rather mildly. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous. She begins the class by drawing attention inward and follows it up with breathing exercises and body awakening through various asanas. 3 months on I feel mentally more at peace and physically far more flexible. Her each class is so different and beautiful that I have even convinced my husband to join the same even though the classes now shift to a new venue and will begin at 7:00 am. Her yoga classes truly nourish mind, soul and body!!


Karishma Jagtiani

Freelance Writer

Holistic and rejuvenating, Sashi’s yoga classes work to calm my mind and energise my body, providing fuel to tackle the stresses and pressures of everyday life.


Shreya Lahori

Home Maker

Sashi Ma’am is a gem of a person. For me she’s just a phone call away, always there to guide & direct me. Her teachings are to be treasured as she brings harmony to both – the body and the mind. Her perfect blend of magical aasans loosens up our oh so stiff bodies keeping on its effect even on breaks!!


Sneha Devnani

Freelance Education Counsellor

‘Helping & Healing’ has always been her motive towards performing Yoga. This aura changed my view about Yoga & pulled me towards learning it. Though classes are conducted in groups there is still a sense of individual attention. With variations in asanas concentrating on the body & mind, her purity & dedication is majorly what adds magic to the class!



Medical Assistant

Thank you to Sashi’s yoga classes for an intense but rewarding yoga training. I am so grateful for the amazing mentor, the good atmosphere, and the lovely friends I have made in the process. My time with Sashi was a great experience. Some things we did in class seemed to be impossible even to come close to doing because I was really stiff in some parts of my body, especially my legs and knees. But here Sashi knows how to help, always finding the right moment to push you to a higher level of doing an asana. My feet and knees are happy to have met Sashi. I gained a lot of flexibility. Now i am able to walk for long hours without any pain or trouble, which earlier was just impossible for me to do. I’ll never forget this experience & if anyone is looking for a real ‘off-the-beaten-track’ yoga teacher, she’s the one to give a try & decide for yourself! Thank you so much Sashi for sharing your knowledge with me. I had a great time.