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Enhancing Pelvic Health Through Yoga
18 Aug

Enhancing Pelvic Health Through Yoga

The human pelvis is the region connected to the bowel, the bladder, kidneys, and the reproductive organs. Pelvic health is therefore an important indicator of overall good health. Poor pelvic health and dysfunc...
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Yoga Sutras – Historical Significance, Current Relevance
10 Aug

Yoga Sutras – Historical Significance, Current Relevance

Our ancient Indian texts are a fascinating representative of the times when they were created and an indication of the highly evolved, peaceful and healthful life that people likely lived at the time. Sutra of ...
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What Do We Understand by Kriya Yoga?
3 Aug

What Do We Understand by Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is a somewhat more recent interpretation of the yogic system and its practice. Several great yogis explained and revealed this concept during the 19th and 20th centuries; a concept that in turn draws...
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Hear From Our Students

'Helping & Healing' has always been her motive towards performing Yoga. This aura changed my view about Yoga & pulled me towards lea...
Sneha Devnani
Sashi Ma'am is a gem of a person. For me she's just a phone call away, always there to guide & direct me. Her teachings are to be treasu...
Shreya Lahori
Holistic and rejuvenating, Sashi's yoga classes work to calm my mind and energise my body, providing fuel to tackle the stresses and pressur...
Karishma Jagtiani
Shital Gupta for Yoga Central
I joined Sashi's yoga classes with very low expectations. But to say I was pleasantly surprised is putting it rather mildly. Her classes are...
Shital Gupta
Sarika Changwani
Sashi’s yoga classes are beyond words. The feeling at the end of each and every class is so good, it’s almost addictive. More than two years...
Sarika Changwani

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