Nirantar Abhyas in Yoga – Enhancing Focus

Nirantar Abhyas in Yoga
Yogis are enjoined to develop certain attitudes in life – as we learn aasans that improve our physical wellbeing, so do we hone our mental faculties to experience more empathy, to think about the needs and feelings of others, to maintain discipline and structure in life. When I teach a yoga class I find that I learn more and more about yoga all the time. I also discover more ab...
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All About Pawanmuktasana & Its Many Benefits

If you have had any yoga class experience, you would likely have performed the Pawanmuktasana. When I teach a yoga class as well, I try to make this yoga aasan a part of the routines that I create for my students. This is because Pawanmuktasana has many specific benefits. It is also relatively easy to perform which makes it a valuable part of your yoga class experience. What i...
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The Importance of Yoga in Bhagavad Gita

Yoga in Bhagavad Gita
We know the Bhagavad Gita principally for the life lessons that Lord Krishna imparts to a personally agitated and ethically troubled Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra as two armies of brothers and friends face off against each other. It is more than just the lesson of dharma that Krishna imparts to Arjun. In a sense the Geetopadesh is the complete blueprint of life as it ...
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The Cat-Cow Pose – How to Perform and Its Special Benefits

Cat-Cow Pose
The Cat-Cow pose is sometimes thought of as one aasan, whereas in fact it is a combination of two aasans, namely Marjariasana (Cat pose) and Bitilasana (Cow pose).  The aasans are often performed in succession as part of a warm up routine. This is suitable even for a yoga class beginner since it is not difficult to do and is known to have many specific benefits. Benefits o...
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Sharing Some Yoga Tips to Say ‘Shubh Deepawali’

Shubh Deepawali
Diwali is one of the biggest and most widely celebrated festivals of India; a time of celebrating the win of good versus evil and a time when we share gifts and goodies with our loved ones. As a Thank-You to all my students and to the readers of this blog, today I would like to share some tips that will help you perform yoga properly and derive the most benefit out of it. Wh...
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The Concept of Nispandbhava in Yoga

Nishpanda Bhav
Perhaps our ancient predecessors were really wise; that they realized the importance of reducing stress and maintaining mental equilibrium. Since the connection between low stress levels and physical well being were well understood at the time, various methods were prescribed for relaxation and enhancing feelings of calm repose in yoga. A yoga class advertisement will often pro...
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Yogic Challenge – Spend a Day Without Looking at the Watch

As I always maintain, yoga is not limited to just physical fitness or health; it is also about achieving mental peace, developing greater compassion and control, and the striving for evolution of the soul. One aspect of this inner evolution is to try to move away from our harried lifestyles, where we find it difficult to cope with situations and never seem to have time to do al...
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Yoga Mudras – What Are They & What Are The Benefits?

Hasta Mudras
Mudras, as many of us know, are certain symbolic or ritual hand gestures used in classical dances and so on. In Sanskrit the term mudra means gesture, mark or closure. These hand gestures or mudras are thought to either communicate certain emotions or meanings, or thought to produce specific emotions or positive impacts on the body. Some yoga mudras are practiced by all of us a...
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The Gunas in Yoga – Understanding the Significance

Gunas Food Pyramid
We understand the term ‘guna’ to mean virtue or special talent. In yoga as well, the term guna has a specific connotation: these gunas are thought to be the three fundamental forces that guide life’s journey. As usual, when I came across this concept with yogic connotations, I was immediately interested to find out more about it and share it with you all. The gunas determine p...
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Yoga Class Etiquette – A Few Pointers

Yoga Class Etiquette
When I was writing my last blog post about yoga and personal hygiene it occurred to me that yoga classes in Mumbai – and elsewhere – ought to have certain rules or accepted norms of behavior that makes class more pleasant for the instructor as well as the students. Apart from personal hygiene, there are other little do's and don'ts; yoga class etiquette and courtesies that make...
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