Best Yoga Apps for the Yogi’s Phone or Tablet

Free Yoga Apps
As a yogi, one is still very much a part of modern life. We are all surrounded by gadgets; there is no reason why the committed yogi should not use yoga apps for phones and tablets to simplify life at least to an extent.  It could well be that the right app could help you become more regular and committed to yoga; that it could help correct small flaws and enhance your experien...
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Things Yoga Can Teach You That You Didn’t Think Possible

Benefits of Yoga
In my experience, yoga offers each one some valuable life lessons. While training the body to be fitter, stronger and more flexible, the regular and serious practice of yoga helps us in other, unexpected ways that we did not think possible. In my quest as a yogi and my journey as a yoga trainer, I have come across unusual and startling benefits of yoga such as: Yoga teache...
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Top Recommended Yoga Books For Beginners

Best Yoga Books
In my own personal quest to be a better, more evolved yogi and efforts to offer more meaningful yoga training to my students, I am constantly exploring concepts and imbibing knowledge relating to yoga. I feel that delving into this chosen discipline of mine helps me grow as a person and permits me to offer more value to those that trust me to teach them. So I have decided to cr...
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How Are Yoga and Ayurveda Related?

Yoga - Ayurveda Relationship
There are many ancient traditions that we Indians can rightly be proud of.  Our ancient civilization was not only highly developed and advanced, our scriptures encompass the collective wisdom of humanity that helps each person live a healthy, full life even today. In fact we are still to plumb the depths of the wisdom that our ancestors handed down for future generations …wisdo...
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How Yoga Changes You and Your Thought Process

Yoga for Positive Thought Process
As I often say in my blog posts, the mind body discipline that is yoga has many benefits beyond just the physical.  Yoga teaches valuable life lessons. It teaches us to live life on a higher plane. We can learn to be better human beings when we practice all the tenets that yoga stands for. The committed and correct practice of yoga can alter thoughts, habits and transform us in...
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How Do Yoga and Pranayam Affect the Brain

Yoga and Pranayam Effect on Brain
The holistic approach that yoga has to wellness overall, means that it has beneficial impacts on the brain as well as the body. When we speak of yoga we include the practice of Pranayam and also meditation within this description; we speak of the ways in which yoga and Pranayam affect the chakras or psychic centers of the body, the physiological state of the brain as well as th...
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How Are Yoga and Pilates Different?

Yoga and Pilates
In recent times, the term Pilates has gained significant popularity. It is presented as a discipline suitable for the young and old alike; an activity that increases flexibility and strength in much the same way as yoga. While Yoga and Pilates do have several commonalities, these disciplines are quite different and distinct as well. What is Pilates? Pilates is named after and...
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How Yoga Boosts Your Immune System in Various Ways

Yoga for Better Immunity
It is our immunity that determines how healthy we are. The body's immune system decides how prone to disease and infection the body is and how well the body can resist the ill effects of pollutants, stress and so on. There are several ways to keep your immune system strong, say experts: eating healthy, lowering stress and sleeping well can all boost immunity. Doing yoga is anot...
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How I Have Seen Yoga Enriching Lives in Very Real Ways

Cooper Hospital Yoga Workshop
Most of the time, I like to share information about my deeper exploration into the world of yoga via this blog. I enjoy finding out about concepts related to yoga and how they work with physical activity to enhance quality of life.  Today I want to share with my readers my experiences with yoga classes in Mumbai and elsewhere. Apart from my regular yoga class in Bandra west ...
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Importance of Correct Breathing Through Life

The first breath we take when we are born is a sign of life. Breathing is the first thing we do when born and the last thing we do before we die. Clearly breathing is one of the most important things we do, if not the most important thing we do to stay alive. It is breathing that provides vital oxygen to every cell of the body, so breathing is important at a cellular level.  In...
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