Enhancing Pelvic Health Through Yoga

Pelvic Health
The human pelvis is the region connected to the bowel, the bladder, kidneys, and the reproductive organs. Pelvic health is therefore an important indicator of overall good health. Poor pelvic health and dysfunction of the pelvic organs can result in problems such as urinary incontinence, recurring constipation, infections, chronic pain and other medical issues. In the event, pe...
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Yoga Sutras – Historical Significance, Current Relevance

Yoga Sutras by Patanjali
Our ancient Indian texts are a fascinating representative of the times when they were created and an indication of the highly evolved, peaceful and healthful life that people likely lived at the time. Sutra of course means a thread or a common theme that runs through something. In the literary context the sutras are records or manuals relating to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism ...
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What Do We Understand by Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga
Kriya Yoga is a somewhat more recent interpretation of the yogic system and its practice. Several great yogis explained and revealed this concept during the 19th and 20th centuries; a concept that in turn draws on the ancient texts of the Yoga Sutras of the Patanjali. The system of Kriya Yoga refers to a set of directions and ‘kriyas’ that help to enhance our spiritual developm...
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The Yogic Concept of ‘Kosh’, and the PanchKosh

I find that understanding yogic philosophies helps me plan a yoga class and also helps me field questions from students when I teach a yoga class. Continuing along my path of discovering and internalizing yogic concepts, I came across the term Pancha Kosha or PanchKosh. The panch (five) kosh refers to certain yogic concepts: Annamay Kosh Pranamay Kosh Manomay Kosh ...
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Parikarma Mudita & Parikarma Upeksha: The Final Life Lessons

Parikarma Upeksha
My last two blog posts were about Parikarma Maitri and Parikarma Karuna, which to mind provide valuable pointers for ways to conduct oneself and to live life. As maitri is the attribute that teaches us to be happy in the happiness of others, karuna is about igniting genuine empathy for others. The two other Parikarmas (desirable or sublime attitudes to imbibe) are Mudita and Up...
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Parikarma Karuna – The Ability to Empathize and More

Parikarma Karuna - Compassion
Since my last post about Parikarma Maitri, I have been realizing the wisdom of this yogic teaching: how it can be liberating to let go of the resentment that we harbor; to take more opportunities to be happy even if that happiness is someone else’s. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate what we have and what others have; to partake of joy not of our own making! Another concep...
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The Concept of Parikarma – Parikarma Maitri

Parikarma Maitri
My quest to delve deeper into the practice of yoga has a dual purpose; to become a more complete yogi for students and myself, and to attain a higher understanding of the best practices of living life in general. When I came across the term Parikarma in connection with others such as Maitri, Upeksha, Mudita and Karuna, I was obviously intrigued. What we commonly understand by t...
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Best Yoga Apps for the Yogi’s Phone or Tablet

Free Yoga Apps
As a yogi, one is still very much a part of modern life. We are all surrounded by gadgets; there is no reason why the committed yogi should not use yoga apps for phones and tablets to simplify life at least to an extent.  It could well be that the right app could help you become more regular and committed to yoga; that it could help correct small flaws and enhance your experien...
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Things Yoga Can Teach You That You Didn’t Think Possible

Benefits of Yoga
In my experience, yoga offers each one some valuable life lessons. While training the body to be fitter, stronger and more flexible, the regular and serious practice of yoga helps us in other, unexpected ways that we did not think possible. In my quest as a yogi and my journey as a yoga trainer, I have come across unusual and startling benefits of yoga such as: Yoga teache...
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Top Recommended Yoga Books For Beginners

Best Yoga Books
In my own personal quest to be a better, more evolved yogi and efforts to offer more meaningful yoga training to my students, I am constantly exploring concepts and imbibing knowledge relating to yoga. I feel that delving into this chosen discipline of mine helps me grow as a person and permits me to offer more value to those that trust me to teach them. So I have decided to cr...
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